Instant tracking. And more.

Drive calmly and park wherever you want with the security of real-time tracking.


Select the contract option that best suits your needs. Even get motion detection notifications and enjoy superior support when you need it most.


Pay only once, and have unlimited access to your KAR’s GPS control. Control all movements with your smartphone easily and forget about worries.


You have the alternative of being able to buy your KAR with the integrated GPS, or adapt it later, with a super easy installation.

GPS Ready Plans

Tracking only? Think again.








Included in your KAR



$24 quarterly, then month by month

Order it by mailing us



Order it by mailing us

You will never go alone

The Aston Rider team will always be by your side. If you have any questions about the GPS Ready plans or just want to talk to someone about how it works, write us at or chat with one of our Customer Service experts on WhatsApp.

GPS Ready in basic English.

The good, the bad and the ugly.

¿Remote assistance 24/7?

If you have any kind of question or problem, you can expect a response from our team in a short time, from Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day. We will make sure to give you the priority you are looking for.

How it works?

Simple. You download our tracking application from the Android Play Store or iPhone App Store and you can now track your e-Bike.

To order GPS integration and indication of more information, contact us. Send us an email to

How is that free tracking?

The GPS integration consists of an artifact that is placed in the KAR pack, this device is capable of communicating with the GPS satellites and transmitting its position to them through a triangulation calculation. For this, it is necessary to have a stable connection to the network with several of these private satellites and a connection with a mobile application. If you hire the monthly GPS integration, you won’t pay a penny, until the day you decide to cut it. On the other hand, if you buy the GPS equipment, we will cover the first year of use of the tracking platform.

How does the mobile application work?

To control the GPS of your KAR, you download an application from the store (valid for Apple and Android). When you order your subscription or purchase the GPS, we explain how to track and use the app.

In some circumstances, you will not be covered. What are these?
  • The GPS system may not be able to be tracked due to: poor signal; entry into a tunnel; antenna distance; or in some natural circumstances such as rain, etc.
  • Manipulating the GPS or trying to open it, without prior authorization. The GPS has a disarm alarm that will tell us if someone tried to violate it.
  • Inadequate preventive maintenance. It is important to consider the methods of use and care, so that the GPS system can always be available for tracking.
What should I consider?

The GPS system works in conjunction with telephone networks and private satellites, in any of the contract cases, you must have the balance of your GPS device subscribed and charged.

What happens when I exceed the year of tracking?

This point is only important if the single payment GPS is purchased.

If the follow-up control year is about to expire, it is necessary to purchase a time extension. For this, contact us via email at

Can I upgrade my GPS to 24/7 assistance?

Of course!

For this, contact us via email at

Can I cancel my contract?

Yes, it is possible to cancel it, having passed the minimum period of the contract.

For this you can decide between buying the GPS that you have integrated into the KAR, or bringing it back to us. Otherwise, you will continue to be charged the monthly payment.

When and how should I pay?
  • The payment is collected on a monthly basis.
  • The minimum contract is three (3) months.
  • From the third month, you will be charged month by month.
How can I make a claim or inquiry?

To make a claim, you need to contact us via email at, and claims are only made in this way. For this situation have at hand all the papers of your purchase and the purchase number or order number that was given to you when you bought the KAR. If you have a query, simply contact us by mail or WhatsApp.

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